Hours before
I’m guessing we’re still on for the night even though I have yet a clue of what it’s going to consist of. Have you seen the new movies lately I wonder and which  of the karaoke cafes can we hit late after or should I think of something else I’m nervous. Plus I want to look like that smooth chocolate you once craved, while laying on the bed hoping that plans indeed don’t change, since any improvised plans that would come about had just been canceled. Sitting clothes out, I remember it being a Sunday, I reach to see what slacks I have that would catch your eye. I have to look good and be neat yet simple and not overdone. While matching clothes I think to myself I have the slightest clue what to say to you, I just want to look at you, fantasize not sex, but your being as a whole. To worship every breath that is exhaled, catch every word and count every syllable as they part your lips fuck what could I say? I must reframe from starring at you, thinking how bad I really want to explode from the excitement. Could it get that far between us? Well now it seems that question is a dream so I stay at bay and try to play the simple role. Simple hurts but maybe simple works. Everyday is a learning experience. Is this the chance to learn you over again? I don’t know. You have yet to confirm our plans for the day. I would call but don’t know if you’d answer. Maybe, just maybe from your point of view I don’t deserve the confirmation. We will have to see how the day pans out.


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