I wonder exactly what she thinks of me. Does she feel that I am truly an ass who could care less about everything and live in the moment, or am I thought of as that guy she know would always do anything to please her. I don’t know the answer to that however, I do know what I crave and fight within myself not to release due to her beauty and attractiveness I try so desperately to ignore yet I can’t. I can’t ignore the fact that she stands with character and when she walks she let off some type of chemical that makes me want to indulge in her like a starving black kid would do fried chicken. Nothing left on the bone I would say. Every piece of skin, gristle, and marrow would be devoured slowly as I take my time to savor each and every taste. Suck her soul out if I must say. Nothing pleases me more than her juices flowing from my lips and becoming stuck in my beard from going under and sampling the greatest wine that only the creator could’ve made… her juices, the same ones that drive me nuts and I can’t wait to indulge in every time I got the chance. One thing I could never deny, she tasted great. Legs locking behind my head I wonder, what she’s thinking of me. Even though I don’t know the answer to that there’s one thing I do know, she taste fucking amazing. Bon Appetite I always say.  


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